Monday, September 2, 2013

Free Coffee

You are here because you were referred to get a free sample of coffee. Deja Lewis will personally send you two samples of our pre-brewed gourmet coffee.

Coffee is the second most consumed beverage on the planet after water. It’s the second most traded commodity after oil. Our plan is to capture only 1% of ONLY North America’s coffee drinkers which will accumulate $125 million in sales monthly. On top of that we are opening up in a new country it seems like every other month.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, people drink coffee daily in every country around the world.  We have been able to make one of the world’s most unhealthy habits HEALTHY. The reason is because of an ancient Chinese herb called Ganoderma (aka Reishi Mushroom) that you cant smell, see or taste! Check out what DR OZ is saying about coffee with the Ganoderma Mushroom (aka Reishi Mushroom) Here
Ever thought it was possible to combine the health benefits of vitamin supplements with a delicious, steaming hot cup of coffee? That's exactly what we have. Health and Wealth in a cup.
After you have had a sample of our amazing coffee, If you would like to know how you can purchase more coffee, please make sure that you get back with Deja so she can help you with your order! 

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This  information is kept confidential and will only be used to ship your samples. Contact Deja Direct at